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REED Instruments has been providing quality portable precision test and measurement instruments. We offer over 150 instruments that are used every day by industrial maintenance teams, quality control departments, HVAC/R contractors, electricians and health & safety professionals among others.

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Data Loggers

- USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
- Alarm Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
- WIFI Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
- GSM GPRS Sim Card Temperature and Humidity Data Logger
- Coasting Thickness Gauge
- Thermocouple Data Logger
- mA/Voltage Data Logger


OIML Test weights

Our test weights is manufacturer by a leading distributor of precision weights. Our weights are manufactured in Asia and following the strict requirements of OIML-R111.

Class from E2, E1, F1, F2, M1
Milligram series to Kilogram series


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