Preventive Maintenance

Most company requires a good planned preventive maintenance program. This is to prevent equipment failure before it occurs.

ZAGA Services preventive maintenance program is catered to our clients' schedule with minimum downtime and greater equipment lifespan.

ZAGA Services performed scheduled replacement of parts before it wears out. 

Our trained technicians use measured values and compared with manufacturer recommendations, this allow us to know if your equipment is operating normally.

For a complete list of what we check, please contact our technical manager for checklist.

Repair & Troubleshoot

ZAGA Services provides repair and trouble shooting for your equipments.

We understand how downtime will affect your quantity & quality of your products. Our goal is to get your equipment working again as soon as possible.  ZAGA Services used only trained technicians to minimize costs and to increase your confidence level.

A free evaluation could be done to your equipment before you decide. No charges will be incurred If it's something you decide to manage on your own, if not, we provide a quote, a full description of what is wrong and how we plan to fix it.

For more information, contact our technical manager.


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